How to Fix PC Speed Fast - Your Ultimate Guide

Amongst the many computer health problems that you may experience, perhaps the most common and the most annoying is how to deal with a slow PC. This is particularly true when you are hard pressed to meet deadlines and your PC is your lifeline. You can fix PC speed fast on your own that will save you not only time but some of your hard-earned dollars as well. Here's how.

�Delete all unnecessary files in your computer that eats up space and slows down your computer. There are several ways to clean jinks from your computer.

You can start by emptying the recycle bin where your deleted files are stored. Average users may think that when they delete files from their computers, they are gone forever. What they don't know is that these files go to the recycle bin and stay there until you empty the bin. After deleting the files and you are sure you no longer need them, empty the recycle bin as a way to fix PC speed fast.

Another way to get rid of junk is to use the disk cleanup utility that comes with your operating system. You click on start>accessories>system tool>disk cleanup. You can also optimize your browser. For internet explorer, click on tools>internet options>delete browsing history>delete all , and tools>internet options>delete cookies, files, and history for older versions of IE. For Mozilla Firefox, click on tools>clear private data>clear private data now, and for Google Chrome, click on the icon that looks like a screw driver >clear browsing data>tick the items you want cleared or clear everything.

�Uninstall programs that you no longer use. Aside from eating space in your hard drive, default installation of these programs makes them start up automatically as your operating system starts. They practically compete for your system memory and therefore slow down your PC. Remember though to do a clean uninstall of these programs by using their respective uninstall utility. You can also access the control panel of your windows and go to add/remove programs and uninstall the program. Remember to restart the computer to ensure completion of the uninstall process.

�You can fix PC speed fast by cleaning your PC's registry as most of the slow PC speed issues are registry related issues. The registry is the core of your operating system as it tells what program to launch and run and how to run these programs. It is where all the important files and settings are stored ready to be used by your operating system to run the programs in your computer. When these files are missing or corrupted, the programs may not function correctly and slows down your computer considerably. To resolve this issue efficiently, it is highly advisable to get a proven reliable registry cleaner that will effectively detect and eliminate all errors in your computer that will not only bring about a faster PC but also maintains the stability and good health of your computer. Search online right now for your reliable registry cleaner.


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