The Acer Black AX1430G-UW30P Desktop PC Could Be A Good Option For People That Are Looking To Get Themselves A New Computer

Even though some individuals may believe that desktop computers are becoming obsolete due to all of the laptops, there are still people who prefer a desktop. Although laptop computers can be extremely convenient because you can bring them together with you wherever you go you're going to see that they wind up breaking much easier than a desktop computer. One of the other reasons individuals prefer desktops is mainly because the computer screen can end up being much bigger than anything you might get with a traditional laptop. The Acer Black AX1430G-UW30P Desktop PC will be what we're looking at in this post because of its features and the affordability of the product.

The hard drive which comes with this computer is in fact 1 TB which is actually a great size for any kind of computer on the market today. A few in years past most computers that were being launched carried a 160 or less gigabyte hard drive, I just wanted to point that out so you realize how large this hard drive really is. I am sure you are going to also be impressed with the fact that this computer includes 4 GB of ram, which is something which is great for gamers and folks who multitask.

The Windows 7 home premium edition is actually the platform which comes preinstalled on this computer which is the very best windows that has been released recently. This is obviously windows latest platform, and based on folks who have used this platform it's a large improvement over their previous platform.

Yet another great thing you are going to find relating to this package is that it actually includes a 21.5 inch wide screen monitor. A primary reason it is great that they include a monitor with this computer would be that a monitor of this size could wind up costing you over $200 if you had to purchase it separately. Something else worth mentioning relating to this computer monitor which comes with this package would be the fact that the speakers are actually built into the monitor.

The DVD burner which comes together with this computer won't only burn DVD's but you are going to also have the ability to burn audio CDs and also data CDs. Something which plenty of people are going to like about this computer apart from the reality that it includes 6 USB ports would be that it has an HDMI port also included.

Because this is actually a fairly new product you're going to discover that there are not plenty of reviews around of course, if you check on Amazon you'll see that there are no reviews yet. If you wonder how much this entire computer packages going to cost you are going to discover that you are able to actually buy it directly from Amazon for about $550. I ought to mention that this is really $100 off the suggested retail price you would need to pay for this item elsewhere. There are lots of desktop computers readily available but not all that have the attributes that this computer has, which makes this a good option for men and women looking to upgrade their computer.


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